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A whole new dawn in electric vehicle charging

Future-proof, scalable technology lets you share power with both other appliances and other electric cars - at close to 100% efficiency.

You made an efficient driving choice - now make an efficient charging choice. Use adaptive load sharing techology.

Fixed system price - no indeterminate running costs

Your initial system price is all you pay.

5-minute accounting manages equitable tenant power sharing

That includes allocating utility power costs by usage, apportioning an optional fee for service, and sending out the bills - regardless of the number of station owners in the building.

Adds zero calculated panel load

Your current electrical panel can support variablegrid electric car charging - start with that premise.

Secure encryption

If you have your charging station in a shared environment, that should bring you peace of mind. In addition, your station is not exposed to the Internet.

Fully automatic control

After installation there are no adjustments, no tweaking, no performance worries - charging takes place at the most advantageus rate possible regardless of time of day.

Limit building demand

Exclusive in US/Canada - car charging continuously adjusted so load on the entire building does not exceed a maximum value. Can save big $$.


Variablegrid: making the EV electrification leap for MURBs realistic

Adding EV wiring is all about the lowest possible CAPEX (one-time initial cost): not by contracting the cheapest job - but by planning the most efficient retrofit.

Add the least amount of new equipment

If you can adapt the existing building electrical plant to pull double duty you are most of the way there, because now the risk for initial EV owners is lower as well.
We can show you how to reduce both risk and cost like nobody else.

Make it expandable, scalable, recoverable

If initial costs are low it is easier to sign up additional EV owners to share them. So a technical design that enables recoverable-cost pricing for additional EVs goes further in promoting acceptance.


Certified EVSE

30A 60Hz AC continuous current
-30C to +40C, interior/exterior - NEMA 3R
DMR personnel safety features
Zero charging current event handling
Cord connected or hardwired
Fully automatic TOU adaptation
Canadian product sales are
Made in Canada
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Simultaneous EV charging

Efficient simultaneous variable load and variable supply response

The calculated current allocated to each EV (green) depends on both the instantaneous level of power demands by other loads  as well as the number of EV's and their demands (black.)

The allocation efficiency of idle available power is close to 100% because command/control is local and immediate.

Typical retrofit variablegrid wiring

Reusing already installed wiring 

The EV loads are sharing the existing suite load wiring. By sensing the common current we offer a high degree of both safety and wire economy, reducing the need for service level increases.
In marginal budget cases this can make it possible for the project to move ahead.
Applies to single residences and to MURB's.

Variablegrid superior power use

Maximize power use

We don't just share power between EV's, we share power with everything in the building. So to us a stopped elevator is the same as an unplugged EV - they both free up charging power.

NOTE: when sharing power we do not switch off equipment under full load as this would eventually damage the relay contacts.

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