Adaptive EV load management for the smart building
A new paradigm for the efficient allocation of electricity to charge electric vehicles within the smart grid - executed in hardware and supported with software
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What we are working on
Of importance to individual EV owners
Information for EV charging groups
Integration and coexistence
The variablegrid paradigm
The technology
Considerations for utilities
A detailed overview in point form
A slide show that summarizes the concept and benefits of automated electric vehicle charge control using current sensing technology and charger modulation (or charger dimming).
Providing owners of charge stations a simplified process of planning for intallation. Convincing EVSE manufacturers that a variablegrid add-in gives their customers added reasons for buying their equipment. Designing variablegrid controls that provide immediate advantages without affecting future smart grid interfaces to the EVSE or the vehicle.
A new, rational, elegant and lower cost solution toward integrating the smart grid and the electric vehicle using a client-server network capable of shifting power to where and when it's needed without overtaxing existing equipment.
Household supply circuits of any rating can now directly support Level 1 and Level 2 electric vehicle charging using the concept of elastic charging; the electric vehicle is charged at a much faster average rate by automatically taking advantage of periods of reduced electrical consumption.
By powering electric vehicle charging equipment with variablegrid, changes to house wiring can be minimized or postponed. Regardless of electrical service level, your dedicated charging circuit can be the same rating as that of your main service level - just by adding a subpanel. There is no need for complex electrical load decisions, let alone (very) expensive changes to your electrical service. Variablegrid can operate as an add-in to current EVSE's that have a smart grid board, or as an add-on to those that don't.
Variablegrid solves the problem of electrical distribution capacity planning in condominiums and electric vehicle group charging. It pools electrical power and allocates it dynamically on a demand basis. This reduces the need for transformers, increases the number of cars and above all does not increase demand charges for the building.
Sensors connected to a communications module implementing control protocols that connect to an electric vehicle charge station. Using unbreakable encryption this paradigm prevents logical theft, since without the network the EVSE is "brick'd."

Automated management of unpredictable electrical demand patterns as a result of clustering of EV's. Real-time computer-based control network for new (continuous) load types. Variablegrid reduces or eliminates the need for active economic demand shaping with respect to electric vehicle loads. Enables automatic unloading of EV loads on the low-voltage grid, to counteract blackstart recovery transients. Enhances utility revenue streams.

Charging an electric vehicle on a shared circuit

(pre-production prototype)

(Don't try this at home on your current charge station!)